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This page contains a dozen 'Clover' questions I sent to Sean October 27, 1996. Sean sent back his answers October 28, 1996. Special thanks to Sean! I hope you enjoy his answers.

You and Huey joined Clover in 1972. How come?

They used to play at Brown's Hall in Mill Valley when I was in high school. (Now it's a Bhuddist temple.) I jammed with them more and more (as did Huey) and they finally asked both of us to join the band officially. I didn't know Huey before that.

You joined Clover in '72 - recorded your first LP with Clover in 1976/77. Any recordings (studio sessions etc.) in between?

Clover demoed quite a few songs, but that's it. I joined in August of '71, though, not '72.

As we all know Clover didn't find success in Britain. Nevertheless did you enjoy this time/did it change your life?

It was beyond the question of enjoying it. It was a big experience. I think we both learned most of what we know about band life and being on stage (particularly under adversity!) in those two years. There were some great moments, and some of complete desolation. It was my life, and it changed plenty.

Sean, you played upright bass on a Norton Buffalo album. Did you play string bass on any other recording?

Just the soundtrack to Heaven's Gate, which I had a role in. I was the bass player in the Heaven's Gate band. I'm hard to spot because they gave me dark skin!

Are there any other Clover songs in the archives (for example Clover's version of 'Bad Is Bad') that the world hasn't heard yet?

Clover did Bad is Bad? God, I've been playing it so long I forgot. Just those old demos.

You also joined the Monday Night Live sessions. Did all the guys who are now in HLN play there? Who else joined those sessions?

I think we all played in it at one time or another. The bass players rotated a lot. Archie Williams Jr. played guitar, as did Terry Haggerty. Sometimes we had two drummers, Bill Gibson and Kevin Wells. There could be 12 people on stage sometimes!

After MNL Huey Lewis & American Express were formed. In a book called "An American Rock History..." by McLean and Joynson one can read that HLN called themselves 'The Fools' for a short time. Is that true?

Yes. Then a band named The Fools came out with a single called "Psycho Chicken". So much for that name.

HLN fans are always on the hunt for versions of 'Exodisco', 'Runnin' With The Crowd' and 'They All Come To Suzy'. Do you think that HLN ever will release versions of those songs let's say on a live album? Do you remember the writing credits of the above songs?

We've never played those songs again, so I doubt it. I'd say some combination of Huey, Chris and Johnny, but I couldn't be more specific.

Sean you have your own homepage/studio site (Muthers Recording Studio). Do you think that you will find the time to fill your page with life after the promotion circuit for the new album is over?

A very polite way to say the site has remained unfinished for months! As of this writing, the site is off line and being updated. I don't have anything to do with the page itself. It was created by my partner Joe White, who has his hands full running the studio.

Mario now plays in a group called 'Fence' (I won't ask why he left the band), Johnny has his Lucky Devils, Chris has a rockin' family and Huey plans his solo album. What does Sean Hopper plan to do?

Mario is now playing with JGB, (Jerry Garcia Band). I have two children under four years old, so spare time is not an issue with me. I don't have any.

Is there any chance that Clover fans (yes they exist) could see a reunion of Clover - even if it was for just one day?

We almost did once, but it didn't happen. I think everyone's strayed too far apart at this point. As Huey said, some things are better left finished.

Last question: Do you have a message (serious or not) for your fans ?

Thanks for your support- Without You there could be no Us!


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